Emdebian Donations & Donators

Project Hosting

The Emdebian project was originally hosted on Sourceforge, but is now entirely hosted on its own server (buildd.emdebian.org). The DNS is managed by SPI Inc. along with the other Debian domains.

This server was provided from 2004 until 16th Aug 2006 by Allen Curtis (http://www.onz.com/).

It is now on a new colo-located machine donated by Simon Richter and his company. Thanx very much to him for sorting this out and doing the initial server setup. (At )

We are in the process of setting up this machine.

The current status is that the following are done/set-up:

Still to do:

The new machine uses Xen and vservers so the website and buildd stuff could be installed in separate vservers.

Current resource usage

The server currently uses about 6.5GB of disk space. Of which about 1G is the website. Subversion is currently only 40MB but expected to grow signifcantly. The rest is buildd chroots and toolchain sources and build space.

The previous machine was a 500Mhz celeron with 256MB ram, which seemed to be quite sufficient. The new one is a 2.4Ghz box with about 30Gb of disk.

Web traffic is currently 1.4Gb/day, nearly all of which is slind iso downloads, according to the analog stats