How to audit Emdebian packages and patches

Aims of the audit

Participating in the audit

Routine builds for armel, i386, mips and mipsel will only start once all packages subject to the audit are tagged and all functional changes have been identified. Even then, decisions will need to be made on how to best implement the functional changes before the autobuilder will be restarted.

Tagging packages

  1. Packages that do not cross-build always have a Status of Wait - packages that fail to cross-build should also be tagged tools to indicate that other changes may be needed.

  2. No new bugs are to be filed under the long term mass bug filing for cross-build support until the Audit is complete for that package.
  3. Every time you view a package as part of the Audit, check for functional changes and tag the package appropriately and freshen the patches to leave the removal of documentation etc. to the post-processing done by Grip. i.e. patches must not duplicate the effect of emgrip.
  4. Clean up and update all existing patches by removing any change that has already been included etc.
  5. Add xcontrol tags if an emdebian-xcontrol.patch exists in any form after cleaning up the patches.

  6. The principal aim is identification of functional changes and refreshing all patches. Some packages have not been rebuilt since the very earliest builds for Crush.