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 * generates a SONAME bump during the build, libcurl-gnutls.so.5.1.1 ??

Details of the changes in the EmdebianCodeAudit


  • drop dependency on debian-archive-keyring - not used in Emdebian.

    • TODO: assess whether this change can be dropped, the original reason was the extra dependency on gnupg.


  • Need to disable the documentation generation as it tries to execute internal compiled binaries in the scan process.


  • Lots of components are disabled, including python, qt3, qt4, docs and gobject components. Quite a difficult package to handle, overall, due to the number of possible permutations. The gobject code didn't cross-build last time it was tried.
  • Maintainer scripts call adduser.


  • Drop the Pre-Depends on awk - TODO: might not be necessary anymore.
  • Compress the licence texts and update the symlinks.


  • Large functional changes - due to the completely different roles of busybox in Debian (d-i and initramfs) and Emdebian (replacing coreutils, boot support).


  • drop win32 bindings - needs xcontrol support for dropping the package.
  • update-alternatives changes in maintainer scripts


  • python support needs to be handled in xcontrol
  • Debian package uses chrpath which fails with a cross-built binary.


  • adduser dependency needs to be handled (uses addgroup in preinst).


  • generates a SONAME bump during the build, libcurl-gnutls.so.5.1.1 ??
  • drop ldap support and disable ssh support.
  • drop dependency on ca-certificates (v.large)