Adapted Debian tools so you can build/cross-compile DebianPackage s or adapted packages with an emdebian dir.

As it seems at the moment the ["Scratchbox"] environment seems to be a primary target to try out these things. With the advantage that we can ignore some cross-compilation issues, and that the tools are easily usable natively too.

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Cross Toolchain

For Debian Sarge on i386 there is at least the following tool chain available:

Add these lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

 # deb ./
 deb ./
 # deb ./

To install the full toolchain (binutils, gcc, cpp, glibc), for e.g. ARM do:

 aptitude update
 aptitude install gcc-3.3-arm-linux

You can alternatively install gcc-3.4-arm-linux (which is probably a good idea as 3.3 is now out of date). See also Niktitas toolchain for more up to date builds:


As Ed seems to have a working environment I guess we should start working with that and improve it on the go.

Seems you got the "build base system" item finished Ed. Thanks!

And the second item "ability to build a base ["rootfs"] too!

One good thing would that he did not mention in his mail was adding support for ignoring packaging documentation and man-pages in the packages. A harder thing to do is actually making sure that the docs don't even get build. And a way to avoid the circular dependencies that exist due to this documentation building tools.

Set-up a buildd inside scratchbox (which should be possible as I heard that it has already been done) to start building more packages. (This will hopefully be possible when the emdebian server is back up). (Once I find out how to silence my proliant server I might hook it up to my internet line and provide a secondary build env)

Document setting up the buildd so ["people"]/ ["dev"]s can try it out for themselves.

Integrate ["uclibc"] in the story. This will definitely give some size boost toward smaller footprint to the packages.

Once we have proven that this works start pushing things into Debian proper.

Optional : -Make sure everything works with the successors of scratchbox\ -Check the ARM build of Ubuntu

Well I hope I can open a fruitfull discussion with this and hope to see some more people starting to work on this.

See also: BootUsb , DebianRobot .