Embedded source code copies

This file collects cases, where a source package embeds code from other projects, without linking dynamically:

xpdf code: (some use xpdf 2, some xpdf 3) gpdf pdftohtml kdegraphics/kpdf tetex-bin (the very latest tetex-bin started to use poppler) cupsys (only older releases, recent ones use xpdf-utils, it's still present in the src, though) poppler koffice libextractor

zlib code: (lots of apps embed a copy, but link dynamically, but there are a few exceptions) dpkg rsync (somehow derived code base) mozilla(?) Linux kernels pvpgn (links dynamically since 1.7.8-2)

libgadu/ekg: centericq gaim kopete (ships the code, but links dynamically in the Debian package) kadu (not packaged in Debian) GNU gadu (not yet packaged in Debian)

xmlrpc: (which package is the "origin" of this code?) drupal phpgroupware egroupware phpwiki php4 (php-pear, IIRC this was reorganized some weeks ago?) tikiwiki (not packaged in Debian)

shtool: (affects build-time only) mysql-ocaml php4

mozilla: mozilla-firefox mozilla-thunderbird nvu

xli: xloadimage

lesstif: (beware: two different lesstif APIs supported in one package, MOTIF 1.2 discarded upstream) openmotif xfree86/xorg (in libxpm)

kerberized apps with BSD origin: krb4 krb5 heimdal

grip: (which pkg is the origin?) libcdaudio grip gnome-vfs (vfs2 as well?)

fudforum: phpgroupware-fudforum egroupware-fudforum

cvs: gcvs (at least an additional script is included, check if there's more)

pcre: all pythons php4 (src included, but Debian package links dynamically) analog (src included, but Debian package links dynamically) libgoffice-1 tf5 (since 5.0beta7 the Debian package links dynamically)

tiff: wxpythongtk (check, which debian pkg this is in) older kdegraphics/kpdf releases < 3.3 embedded a copy

uudeview: libconvert-uulib-perl

sqlite: (not affected by security vulnerabilities so far) amarok

util-linux/mount: loop-aes-utils contains code from util-linux' mount in the mount-aes-udeb

webmin: usermin

sylpheed: sylpheed-claws

phpsysinfo: egroupware phpgroupware

phpldapadmin: egroupware

chmlib: kchmviewer (not packaged in Debian)

libavcodec/libavformat: ffmpeg xine-lib xvidcap (currently in NEW) kino(?) gst-ffmpeg xmovie (currently in NEW)

mad MPEG decoding lib: mad xine-lib

libdts: libdts xine-lib

flac: flac xine-lib

liba52: a52dec xine-lib

libmpeg2: mpeg2dec xine-lib

curl: wget (code for NTLM authentication)