These are the steps to test whether Emacspeak release (our releases) works correctly.


Start Emacspeak using "emacspeak -q" command, that is without launching user init file. On startup Emacspeak plays a melody and speaks a message "Press ... perfectly". However the melody is only heard when a required mp3 playback program is present, probably mplayer. So don't worry if you don't hear the melody, but the message should be there.


Every movement command should cause the part that was moved by to be spoken. Try moving with arrows to hear the letters or lines. Try M-f M-b to hear the words. This may be tested on welcome page.

Vulnerable commands

Try these commands whether they don't cause an unwanted behaviour or errors.

Read only message

Create a new buffer, mark it as read only, try to type something. You should hear: "capital buffer is read hyphen only".

Info pages

Info pages were not always working correctly. In gui Emacs some of them were silent. Try movement commands (char, word, line) in 2 info buffers:

Transient mode

Try if transient mark mode works as expected. In some version it did not.

The letter t should change to X, but only in the second line.

Auditory icons

Auditory icons are funny sounds announcing things happening during edition and movement.


Check if undo bug is present:

  1. C-x C-f bbb - creates a new buffer
  2. Type "12"
  3. Go left
  4. delete (only "1" remains)
  5. Type "3"
  6. Buffer consists of "13"
  7. C-/ - undo, several undo presses should make the buffer empty again. The bug caused switching back and forth the last change.

Emacspeak version

Test if the version Emacspeak presents is really the one it should be.