The "Unix Wars" Continue Apace

An Emacs bigot is someone who understands that an editor is not just a tool, it's a way of life. As such, an Emacs bigot doesn't complain just because their text editor has a bigger memory footprint than their Database Server. Emacs bigots laugh at people who actually have to start a different program to do FTP or read USENET.

Contrast with VimBigot

Contrast with MS .DOC bigot; aka. the rest of the world!

The more we fight with each other, the more they win. Don't you hear those howls of laughter from Redmond? Both (n)vi(m) and emacs have their place. (n)vi(m) is fast and powerful. emacs is full-featured and powerful. .DOC is ... proprietary, monopolistic, closed, ubiquitous, planned obsolescence, expensive, lousy, insecure, ...

Grab some perspective, both of you.