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Current status

Remaining tasks

Switch emacs-defaults to point at emacs25

Remove emacs24 from the archive

Packages that (build-)depend on emacs24

(Not reported by dak rm -Rn)



Packages whose runtime behaviour needed some basic testing

Based on dak rm as of 2016-12-24

Packages that (build-)depended on emacs24

Based on dak rm as of 2016-12-24

Testing via sbuild

There is an emacs-defaults that has been switched to emacs25 in experimental now (47.0~exp1). You can test packages whose only issue is an "emacs" or "emacs-nox" dependency in sbuild by adding sbuild arguments like this:

sbuild [PACKAGE] --add-depends="emacs (>= 47.0~exp1)" --extra-repository='deb experimental main' --build-dep-resolver=aptitude

You can probably also use a local copy of the emacs deb by replacing the --extra-repository and --build-dep-resolver arguments above with --extra-package /full/path/to/emacs_47.0~exp1...deb.

And note that we've observed that sbuild might not stop if it can't find/install the --extra-package, so keep an eye on the log (seen in the "Check architectures" phase).

Of course the experimental emacs and emacs-nox metapackages also be used to test the installation and behavior of any packages with non-build dependencies on emacs or emacs-nox.