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~-Translation(s): English - [[es/Edutainment|Español]] - [[it/Edutainment|Italiano]] - [[ja/Edutainment|日本語(Nihongo)]] - [[ru/Edutainment|Русский]]-~ ~-Translation(s): English - [[es/Edutainment|Español]] - [[it/Edutainment|Italiano]] - [[ja/Edutainment|日本語(Nihongo)]] - [[ru/Edutainment|Русский]]- [[fr/Edutainment|Francais]]~

Translation(s): English - Español - Italiano - 日本語(Nihongo) - Русский- Francais~

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Portal/IDB/logo_portal.png Welcome to Debian Edutainment Software

Portal/IDB/icon-edutainment-32x32.png This portal talk about educational software. Technical words can be used but explained.



See also DebianScience/Astronomy for more research-oriented packages.


Debian contains an increasing number of packages relevant to biology. The DebianMed project integrates them in a CustomDebianDistribution. Of course, any program can be educational in the sense that it can be used for training people. However, this page should be used to indicate programs particularly interesting for teaching or illustrating biology in a scholar environment. You can refer to DebianScience/Biology for a broader list which focuses on programs which were written for research.

To make this page useful, your input is most welcome!


See also DebianScience/Chemistry.

Not all of these packages are suitable for education, and they need to be studied for use.

There is an interesting java project http://ir.chem.cmu.edu/irproject/


See also DebianScience/Electronics.

  • Electric

  • Pcb, or eagle for pcb design

  • Scilab, as matlab equivalent

  • Tkgate

  • ?KSimus, for simulating electrical circuits

  • kicad for pcb design

  • qucs for schematic capture and simulation

  • Octave as matlab equivalent

  • Spice and ng-spice for analysis

  • ViPEC for transmission-line calculations

  • xsmc-calc for smith charts

  • geda suite for schematic capture and netlist generation

  • Xcircuit for schematic design

  • The KRP Kids' Robotics Project for Documentation


See also DebianScience/Geography.


See also DebianScience/Viewing.

Logic games


See also DebianScience/Mathematics.




See also DebianScience/Physics.

  • ?EduMek

  • ?EduXem

  • ?EduLum

  • ?EduXoscope

Chemistry discussion moved to ?EducationChemistry.

  • http://www.claroline.net is a great php based e-learning app worthy of consideration

  • Moodle (http://moodle.org) has been translated into 26 languages and has many unique features for providing online courses. It can use mysql or postgresql (or commercial databases). It's written in modular PHP and has an excellent interface.

  • There's also ganesha : http://www.anemalab.org/ganesha/index.htm (in french however)

  • http://auc.sf.net/ is a web groupware application designed for schools, including a web-based email application. One nice feature is numerous translations are already available.

  • http://www.chamilo.org is a PHP-based e-learning system (forked from Dokeos in 2009, forked itself from Claroline in 2004) in GNU/GPLv3+, focused on openness in its development process. IRC:Freenode#chamilo

A system for Teachers to share their material under the Free Documentation License would be great, too!

  • Fle3 (http://fle3.uiah.fi/) is a learning environment being developed for use in the EU. It's multilingual and supports progressive inquiry and other constructive learning methods. It's a server software (Zope product) that is used with a browser. It's already debianized by the upstream authors.

  • DotLRN (http://openacs.org/projects/dotlrn/) is a web groupware application designed for the e-learning. This application is using the openacs core (http://openacs.org/) developed in tcl's language and using postgresql database. We can find organizations like MIT's school developing this software.

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