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EddyP -- Who's that?

Hello, my name is Eddy Petrișor and I am a happy Romanian Debian user.

The family name is pronounced almost as one would pronounce in English peh-tree-shore.

Involvement in Debian

After using and learing about the Debian way and feeling satisfied with what's been done by now I decided it is time go further.

I have been giving a little part of my free time to the D-I effort and also other Debian subprojects. I am currently in NM (stagnant because I don't seem to find the time to send my answers to my AM; Sorry Cristoph).

Current interests within Debian

Future projects

  • A Romanian custom Debian Distribution
    • installation system starts in Romanian
    • the Romanain desktop task is selected by default
    • associated live image
      • ?DebianLive/BuildingImages

      • ?DebianLive/l10n

      • ?DebianLive/Configuration

      • multiarch live image? is is possible?
  • ispell/hunspell/myspell package for Romanian

My favourite wishlist bugs

These are the bugs which I would really like to see fixed (and would give beers to people fixing them ;-) ).

Open bugs

  • 379783 srcinst: does not handle properly virtual packages - would help in DebToo development

Fixed bugs / owed beers

These are fixed now and some people deserve beers :-)

  • 338389 svn-buildpackage: Patch implementing -l 2 - would help in Debian Games Team development - one beer goes to each of Steve Kowalik <stevenk AT debian.org>, Jari Aalto <jari.aalto AT cante.net> and Eduard Bloch <blade AT debian.org>

Links which I find interesting

Links which I found useful


If you are interested in any way by any of the projects I am involved in, please contact me by email.

eddy.petrisor AT gmail DOT com