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 * PPPoE automatic detection and installation within D-I  * [http://eddyp.homelinux.net:8080/eddy/pppoe/ PPPoE automatic detection and installation within D-I]

EddyP -- Who's that?

Hello, my name is Eddy Petrișor and I am a happy Romanian Debian user.

Involvement in Debian

After using and learing about the Debian way and feeling satisfied with what's been done by now I decided it is time go further.

I have been giving a little part of my free time to the [wiki:DebianInstaller D-I] effort and also other Debian subprojects.

Current intersts within Debian

Some of the things I have touched/modified or made for Debian can be found on [http://eddyp.homelinux.net:8080/eddy/ my little server] (sometimes might be down).

Contact: eddy.petrisor AT gmail DOT com