This page is used by the Debian Maintainers packaging eclipse to coordinate and track changes. Check Eclipse for information about the package itself.


This section is about what needs to be done and who is doing it.

Arch indep-ness

Jar files in usr/lib/eclipse that are arch dependent; the rest can probably be moved to an arch:all package.

Upstream bugs

General TODO

Failing architectures

Other eclipse packages

eclipse 3.6

General Info

The development is done on Alioth using git and is since 3.5 based on eclipse-build.

Submitting patches upstream

Patches must be submitted to upstream via their bug tracker and the submitter of the patch will be added to the project's "iplog" if the patch is accepted (meaning the submitter will be credited for the patch). The latter is the reason why we will request people to forward non-Debian specific patches themselves to upstream.

References: (particularly this).