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I'm interested in helping. If I find something helpful that I can do, I will. Otherwise, if you know of something that I would be well-suited for, let me know and I'll gladly do everything I can.

My background:

  • I own a successful web hosting and computer tech support business.
  • I am the sole person in charge of customer relations and new accounts.
  • I am very "tech friendly" and have a professional set of knowledge about Debian and its tools.
  • I speak English (as opposed to "tech speak") to my customers and feel that would be an important part of marketing as well.
  • In my past, I've been the Data Services Manager for a regional GSM cellphone company in the US Midwest and the Chief Tech Guy (we didn't have official titles), which included project management, deep customer interaction, and plenty of actual tech stuff, at a high-level web development and hosting firm in the US Pacific Northwest.
  • I have had very little exposure to giving speeches, but I have no problem with other forms of communication.
  • I enjoy writing and would be happy to assist with writing efforts. I am also a willing and able proofreader.