This proposal is just an additional control to the QA procedures already in place. It can be used in combination with all other proposals that have the notion of release and quality measures (e.g. lack of RC bugs) related to them.



Opinions: We're already doing this as part of the ReleaseWhenReady strategy, and the fact is that most of the unfixed RC bugs end up in either core packages that we can't drop, or as a steady stream that are filed and fixed against other packages that we can drop, but would rather get a fix for. So I think the unique part of this proposal boils down to be more a FixedReleaseDate than anything else. -- JoeyHess

More widely used packages will tend to have more bugs posted on them, so (my guess is) they will tend to have more RC bugs. But these are exactly the popular packages Debian wants to ship. -- PaulNijjar

We could solve the important package dropping problem by identifying a set of Release Essential (RE) packages. The release would only be permitted when zero RE packages contain RC bugs. The concept of RE packages also provides a mechainsm to formally identify new features deemed critical to a release (eg DI for 3.1). -- StephenBirch

See ReleaseProposals for alternatives.