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## I suggest to rename this page "DpkgHomepageFieldTransition" so wiki visitors don't get confused.
## further more, "dpkg" keyword would be page's title, which is good for Google.

dpkg >= 1.14.6 supports the use of a "Homepage:" field in debian/control. This should replace the Homepage pseudo-field in extended descriptions.

Transition plan

1.A Add Homepage to Debian Policy Manual.

1.B Make lintian stop issuing "I: unknown-field-in-control homepage".

2.A Implement support in APT frontends.

2.B Adapt developer documentation such as the Developer's Reference.

2.C Add Homepage field to dh-make templates.

3. Make linda and lintian issue a warning to packages including a homepage in their extended description.

4. After some time, announce mass bug filing on debian-devel-announce.

5. After some time, proceed to mass bug filing.

This page is based on [http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2007/09/msg00628.html a message from Christian Perrier to debian-devel] and the resulting thread.