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 * Adept Manager: Bug:445649  * Adept Manager: Bug:445649 - Can be ignored as Adept is not anymore in testing for now.
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 * Developer's Reference: Bug:445642  * Developer's Reference: Bug:445642 (pending)

dpkg >= 1.14.6 supports the use of a "Homepage:" field in debian/control. This should replace the Homepage pseudo-field in extended descriptions.

Transition plan

1.A Implement support in APT frontends and libraries:

  • libapt: done

  • Adept Manager: 445649 - Can be ignored as Adept is not anymore in testing for now.

  • aptitude: done

  • synaptic: 445636

  • kpackage: done

  • packages.debian.org: done

1.B Adapt developer documentation such as the Developer's Reference:

  • Developer's Reference: 445642 (pending)

1.C Add Homepage field to dh-make templates. 445678 (pending in the package SVN repository)

2. Make lintian stop issuing "I: unknown-field-in-control homepage". done

3. Make linda and lintian issue a warning to packages including a homepage in their extended description.

  • lintian: done (at info level, now considered to be at warning level)

  • linda: 445673

3a. Document Homepage field usage in Wiki Page ["HomepageFieldHOWTO"]. done

3b. Start advertizing the field. [http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2007/11/msg00006.html Done by Raphaël Hertzog in debian-devel-announce]. done

4. Add Homepage to Debian Policy Manual as a suggestion:

  • Add an item to "Binary package control files -- DEBIAN/control"
    • Homepage (no "mandatory" mention)
  • Add a level 3 section to "List of fields":
    • Homepage

The upstream project's home page URL. It should preferably contain and http(s) URL linking to a page describing the upstream project with access to the project's resources. This is an optional field.

Maybe move this as first step as debian/control fields are indeed described in the policy. The point would be to have a good reference describing that field without making it mandatory.

5. After some time, announce mass wishlist bug filing on debian-devel-announce. Stefano Zacchiroli has setup [http://upsilon.cc/~zack/stuff/homepage-field/ A page with counters] showing packages using the old pseudo-field and not the new one as well as packages using the new one.

6. After some time, proceed to mass wishlist bug filing.

7. After even more time, change the policy manual to should

8. file yet another round of bugs, now non-wishlist.

This page is based on [http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2007/09/msg00628.html a message from Christian Perrier to debian-devel] and the resulting thread. This page amended by Manoj Srivastava and Christian Perrier.