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Elements of good [:DebianWiki/EditorGuide#writing-style:WikiStyle] for DocumentMode pages Elements of good [[DebianWiki/EditorGuide#writing-style|WikiStyle]] for DocumentMode pages

DocumentMode pages are what makes wiki a great place to look for information. They often have been reviewed by many people, and explain a single idea in detail. For instance, this page is in DocumentMode, and explains WikiStyle. Many DocumentMode pages won't be signed at all, or will have a Contributors: line at the bottom listing the people who contributed to the page.

Elements of good WikiStyle for DocumentMode pages

  • Begin with a short introduction of the topic
  • Write without ego. Avoid "I". Use ThirdPerson whenever possible. Avoid signing your contributions

  • Don't create UnNeededWikiLinks that won't GoAnywhere

  • Always create UsefulWikiLinks if you think they'll help SparkDiscussion