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Upgrade from woody to sarge has problems


There are a couple broken packages, e.g. Nano. After upgrade while running on a 2.4.18-bf2.4 kernel a number of previously working apps and daemons show <defunct> processes (IE zombies). These are more or less just a nuisance but it needs to be fixed.

Installation in fresh machine has problems


Install hung up. There were APIC 40(40) errors but these may not be related. Install was from the 3,1r0 CD for I386 on an AMD 1600 CPU. 3.1r0a has not yet been tried.

-- terrelllarson

I don't think that anything mentioned above is a "dist-upgrade issue", unless the processes are dying due to improperly upgraded packages and libraries and aptitude fails to fetch the correct versions. -- JacobAnawalt

There is a post to the debian-devel list summarizing the upgrade bug reports.

Upgrade preparation script


I wrote a shell script that may help people prepare for dist-upgrading. Only tested on i386, but wfm. It just runs all the checks mentioned in the Sarge Release Notes

-- vince