An Anonymous Installation Failure - Of Sorts (2005-10-07)

Display screen after install of the "apt-packages" (aka. No X Window)

Although other problems, I survived partitioning, CD detection, etc. :-) My display (VESA), which works correctly with a previous Debian release (Woody), shows me a black screen on F7.

During the install via CD, all the packages (via apt on CD) seem to be installed (I've got the prompt on Consoles 1 to 6). But on F7, BLACK SCREEN!

I don't know if Gnome is on or not. I reboot, of course, with the same results..

I looked in the file etc/?XF86Config-4. Surprise: empty! Nothing at all. No lines? Is this normal? Perhaps the video-config file with this release isn't the same?


Thanks before for your help. I'm in the [dark]. Sorry for my English.


Your English is not too bad. My Mandarin, German, Greek (among many others) make children break out in tears.

Just keep banging your head on that wall. It'll eventually fall over.