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  * Install the DebianPackage:unar package

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This page is about using digital cameras manufactured by Nikon Corporation with a Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

Updating firmware on Nikon cameras

Firmware updates for Nikon Cameras are provided as .exe (Microsoft Windows) or .dmg (Mac OS) files. Both files are self-extracting within the operating systems they are intended for. They provide access to the included .bin file which has to be copied to the root directory of a memory card that will later be inserted into the camera. In this section it will be explained how to do a firmware update for a Nikon Camera using Debian GNU/Linux.

  • Check actual firmware version of the Nikon camera according to the Nikon manual
  • Check on the Nikon homepage if there is a newer firmware version available
  • Download firmware image from the Nikon homepage in .exe format
  • Install the unar package

  • In a terminal window go to the directory to which you saved the .exe file and extract the .bin file from the .exe file:

$ unar [firmware-file-name].exe

  • Go to the directory into which the .bin file was extracted and copy the .bin file to the root directory of a memory card formatted by the camera (just copy, no image writing using disk dump is necessary)
  • Insert the memory card into the camera
  • Turn on the camera and execute firmware update according to the camera manual

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