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Which contains several other links, one being:

Docu is also to be found at /usr/share/doc/quilt/ ; for example with:

lynx /usr/share/doc/quilt/quilt.html 

Basic Usage

Setting up quilt to use with Debian source packages

Place a .quiltrc configuration file in your home directory with the following lines.


See UsingQuilt#Using_quilt_with_Debian_source_packages

Only changes outside of the debian directory need to be added with quilt. Before you make a change do:

quilt new $patchname

Add the file you have to edit:

quilt add $filename

Now edit the file you need to edit. When finished do

quilt refresh
quilt pop -a 

and ignore the warning. Documenting the patches is good style. Besides that the absence is a lintian error. To do so

If you are using git-buildpackage you will have to add debian/patches to the git-repo

git add debian/patches
git commit -m "added debian/patches"

Editing an existing patch

quilt push -a

edit the file you added, say to correct a typo. You can also add a new file to the patch with "quilt add $newfilename".

Then do the same like above:

quilt refresh
quilt pop -a

and inform git about the changes:

git add debian/patches
git commit -m "added debian/patches"


If you have patches, add a file debian/source/local-options containing the single line unapply-patches:

echo "unapply-patches" >> debian/source/local-options

so that patches are automatically removed after a local build. That will also remove the .pc directory from git status. Don't git add it ! Another option to do the same is to run


Documenting patch

Patches created for Debian packages are usually documented according to DEP-3 ( Thus making it easy to review the patch file. A very basic structure of a patch documented in this format includes a description, author's name, if the patch is forwarded or not, last update date, etc. followed by which is the actual patch body. Here is an example:

Description: Remove requirements on bundler and rubygems
Author: Nandaja Varma <>
Forwarded: No
Last-Update: 2013-01-07
--- a/test/test_helper.rb
+++ b/test/test_helper.rb
@@ -1,5 +1,3 @@
-require 'rubygems'
-require 'bundler/setup'
 require 'test/unit'
   require 'mocha/setup'

Like mentioned above you can run "quilt header -e --dep3" after you did refresh or edit the file debian/patches/name_of_patch manually.