When you need a package that is still in NEW (ie, package is uploaded, but needs ftpmaster approval before it is added to debian and available via apt-get), indicated by Yellow color in boutil's dependency graphs, you may get it from the following repositories.

  1. boutil's repo

  2. praveen/j4v4m4n's repo

You can use "pbuilder --login --save-after-login" to get a shell in pbuilder environment and add repo there (use nano as text editor). If you want to use a separate base image for this custom environment, use "--basetgz" option of pbuilder to specify a different base image to use.

Note: This process is similar to building packages for experimental

If you need any package missing from above repos, you may ask boutil or j4v4m4n on #debian-diaspora/irc.oftc.net to add it.

You can use "!memo j4v4m4n ruby-foo to your repo" if you don't see j4v4m4n online.