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/!\ This is very early version of the diaspora package and not recommended for production yet.

diaspora package is available in debian testing/unstable.

# apt-get install diaspora

This will create necessary database initialization and configuration using postgresql.

Diaspora Installer Package

This will install gems via (hence it is in contrib). This is production ready and powers pods like and


Enable diaspora stretch repo

Import archive signing key

The archive is signed with Praveen's OpenPGP key:

2A79 74AE 2FC1 52D7 7867  DA4A CE1F 9C67 4512 C22A

Import the corresponding key to your system:

# gpg --recv-keys --keyserver CE1F9C674512C22A
# gpg --export --armor CE1F9C674512C22A | apt-key add -

If you have difficulty getting the key via keyserver, you can get it via wget

# wget
# apt-key add praveen.key.asc

Update your repository list

Once you import the gpg key, add the corresponding repository to sources.list and update the packages list:

# apt-get install apt-transport-https ca-certificates
# echo deb stretch main contrib >>/etc/apt/sources.list
# apt-get update


then install diaspora-installer[-mysql]

# apt-get install diaspora-installer

We hope to be able to provide diaspora-installer[-mysql] via stretch-backports soon.


If you have contrib section in your sources list, you can just run

# apt-get install diaspora-installer[-mysql]

The source code of diaspora-installer package could be found here.


  1. Add autopkgtest (see gitlab for how to do it)
  2. Team's task tracker

Policy for dependency updates

Help keep the gem versions in sync. If deb version of a library is older than required by diaspora (run 'bundle install --local' on a develop branch checkout of diaspora upstream), update the deb version. If debian already has a new version of a library, update the corresponding gem version in diaspora.

  1. tiny version change, patch gemfile
  2. minor version change, test compatibility
  3. major version change, test compatibility and embed gem if needed

Coordinate with upstream for major version updates.

You can find the packaging work at

See below for the team effort to package the dependencies of Diaspora and Diaspora itself for Debian.

Diaspora packaging

Enabling Chat