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This page will be used for user documentation.

Diaspora Installer Package

This will install gems via This is a short term solution until we complete the diaspora package.


If you have contrib section in your sources list, you can just run

# apt-get install diaspora-installer

Jessie and Wheezy

Enable diaspora unreleased repo (someone needs to confirm these steps, they should work, but still better to confirm)

The archive is signed with Praveen's OpenPGP key:

2A79 74AE 2FC1 52D7 7867  DA4A CE1F 9C67 4512 C22A

Import the corresponding key to your system:

# gpg --recv-keys --keyserver hkp:// CE1F9C674512C22A
# gpg --export --armor CE1F9C674512C22A | apt-key add -

Add and update the corresponding repository:

# apt-get install apt-transport-https ca-certificates
# echo deb unstable main >>/etc/apt/sources.list
# apt-get update

then install diaspora-installer

# apt-get install diaspora-installer

Diaspora Package Testing

/!\ This is very early version of the diaspora package and not recommended for production yet.

Setup Debian Unstable environment

You have to setup a Debian Unstable system (you could setup it as a virtual machine if you want). You'll have to install Debian Testing first from and then upgrade to unstable.

You can also use pbuilder to setup a Debian Unstable environment

# pbuilder create
# pbuilder login

Enable experimental suite and install packages from there

Once you have Debian Unstable, enable the experimental repository.

# echo deb experimental main >>/etc/apt/sources.list
# apt-get update

Install the following packages from experimental

# apt-get -t experimental install ruby-compass-rails ruby-handlebars-assets \
ruby-rails-i18n ruby-redcarpet ruby-omniauth ruby-typhoeus ruby-gon ruby-fog \
ruby-rack-piwik ruby-rack-ssl ruby-ethon ruby-excon ruby-configurate \
ruby-acts-as-taggable-on ruby-will-paginate ruby-unf ruby-omniauth-oauth2 \
ruby-compass ruby-pg ruby-jwt ruby-sass ruby-mini-magick ruby-em-hiredis \
ruby-entypo-rails ruby-sass-rails ruby-nokogiri ruby-oembed ruby-rails-admin \
ruby-twitter-text ruby-json ruby-sinatra ruby-uglifier ruby-rack-cors \
ruby-mini-magick ruby-js-routes ruby-http-accept-language ruby-eventmachine \
ruby-rails-assets-jquery-placeholder ruby-jquery-ui-rails ruby-fog-core \
ruby-fog-xml ruby-fog-brightbox ruby-mini-magick

The list of packages needed is here

Enable diaspora unreleased repo and install diaspora

Enable diaspora unreleased repo

then install diaspora

# apt-get remove jbuilder
# apt-get install ruby-responders ruby-warden ruby-orm-adapter ruby-bcrypt \
 ruby-eco-source ruby-fog-radosgw ruby-ice-cube
# apt-get install diaspora

This will create necessary database initialization and configuration using postgresql.

Re installing the package

If you want to reinstall the package, you have to purge, drop the database and remove the dbconfig-common configuration for diaspora:

# apt-get purge diaspora
# rm -rf /etc/dbconfig-common/diaspora* /etc/diaspora.conf /usr/share/diaspora
# sudo -u postgres dropdb diaspora_production

There is more work to do.


  1. bundle install failure with openssl missing - work around available

  2. ruby-twitter-text doesn't have a gemspec file in binary package

  3. compass has an unnecessary dependency on rb-fsevent

  4. rails-timeago is not found by sprockets


  1. Complete packaging of remaining gem dependencies (list gems that needs to be packaged, some of them are already in NEW or being worked on)

  2. Test the installation by going ahead with next steps listed at diaspora installation manual Help troubleshoot why items are missing in the top bar. You can test the running instance at

  3. Create debconf templates for pod configuration. Need a yml parser to update diaspora.yml

  4. Help keep the gem versions in sync. If deb version of a library is older than required by diaspora (run 'bundle install --local' on a develop branch checkout of diaspora upstream), update the deb version. If debian already has a new version of a library, update the corresponding gem version in diaspora.

  5. Create a tracker like gnome status or update current progressbar to show out dated or newer versions in debian.

You can find the packaging work at

See below for the team effort to package the dependencies of Diaspora and Diaspora itself for Debian.

Diaspora packaging