Also check out MultiUserManagement

and see this adduser item on default group memberships:




Is IT not enough to put the user in the audio group? I think is simpliest

bye Mauro

To have a user default to being in the audio group, edit the file /etc/default/adduser. From the man page, it looks like there can only be one group added. Looks like you could also run useraddd -D -g audio as part of a script. I wonder if there are Debian rules about modifying things like this in a package install. I can imagine that this could really piss off a good sysadmin. -- MarkBucciarelli

Policy 11.7.4: The maintainer scripts must not alter a conffile of any package This would be a RC bug -- BillAllombert

2002/11/13 16:08 UTC (via web):

also, cd-writers should automatically be setup properly. Altho with Linux 2.6/3.0, I guess tehre won't be much need for any setup...

2002/11/15 21:08 UTC (via web):

For security, the user should probably be asked if the user that is being created should have access to play sound and access video devices...

There is another existing script that does exactly this - auto-autofs.

CD Burning

Don't forget to let the users burn their CD's, DVD's, ...

It is possible to autodetect the type of device, and if it is a burner, then set the writable bits.