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 * alx [[alx]]

This page is not meant to be visited by regular visitors.

This page contains a mapping of modules to WikiPage. It is used to rebuild the tables in DeviceDatabase/USB, DeviceDatabase/PCI.

  • You can list multiple page (typically, comma separated).
  • It's a good idea put page name into brackets.
  • List module in alphabetic order (to avoid duplicates). format :
     * modulefoo ["foo"]
     * modulebar [:Long/WikipageName:bar]

additional hints:

  • You can list a mapping for any module here (module-assistant, proprietary, non-free, etc.)
  • If a module have been renamed (ibm_acpi => thinkpad_acpi), create one line for each module name.

  • You can add comments (prepends it with one or two hash).

Module to Wikipage mapping