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=== sso.d.o and debtags.d.o maintainers needed ===

Enrico Zini has announced [[https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/20221016172228.5rhbmdl6ogjfjqbo@enricozini.org|sso.d.o]] and [[https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/20221019132043.d4c4liyt6s6qewgy@enricozini.org|debtags.d.o]] are in need of new maintainers and will be shut down if none are forthcoming.

-- Paul Wise

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sso.d.o and debtags.d.o maintainers needed

Enrico Zini has announced sso.d.o and debtags.d.o are in need of new maintainers and will be shut down if none are forthcoming.

-- Paul Wise

lintian contributors needed

The primary lintian contributors have stopped working on it. Axel Beckert has stepped up to provide maintenance work, but requests help adding new tags, performance tuning and other important work.

If you are interested in working on it, please join the lintian group on salsa (DD will be accepted instantly, non-DD should show some contributions first, e.g. via Merge Requests), add yourself to the lintian team wiki page, join the debian-lint-maint mailing list, and review the bugs filed against lintian, issues on salsa and merge requests on salsa (1 2).

-- Paul Wise + Axel Beckert

CPU instruction selection documentation

New documentation has been written summarising all the options for selection of CPU instructions, including porting between SIMD instructions, emulating atomic instructions, manual runtime code path selection, manual runtime function selection, compiler function multi-versioning, glibc hwcaps library selection, runtime binary selection, blocking installation and blocking running binaries. When you discover a package has limited portability due to a higher baseline, use of SIMD/atomic instructions, or other CPU instruction related problem, please consider perusing the new documentation, improving the portability using the documented techniques and contributing your changes upstream where possible. If you see others discovering these issues, please suggest they take a look at the documentation.

-- Paul Wise, Gioele Barabucci and Bastien Roucaries

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