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News for Debian developers

This wiki page collects small news that all developers should know but that are not worth a dedicated mail to debian-devel-announce. Follow the template "Example of news" and add your news below it. If there are some other items already, please sort your item in descending order of importance to the Debian development community. See /Help for more information on how to write entries. If you have any questions, please ask the publicity team or the the Debian English localisation mailing-list.

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Example of news

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-- Your Name

Qt packages built with OpenGL ES support are now available

Thanks to Dmitry Shachnev's work Qt packages now offer two OpenGL flavours, Desktop and ES. This changes are provided by Qt GUI and Qt Quick libraries. With the help of the Release Team the necessary packages in the archive have been rebuilt in order to pick up the changes. Desktop and ES packages are not co-installable as they provide the same set of shared libraries. So most packages now have an alternative dependency like

Packages get such a dependency automatically if they are using ${shlibs:Depends}. More details are available in Dmitry's blog post.

-- Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

Debian Trends was updated, with data until February 2020 and three new graphs (on team maintenance and co-maintenance, on adoption of Rules-Requires-Root, and on Support for build-arch and build-indep).

-- Lucas Nussbaum

What can you preseed when installing Debian?

Steve ?McIntyre created a debian-preseed service that extracts all of the debconf templates in the Debian archive and lists each of the possible preseed options available along with their descriptions. If you want to repeat the extractions, you can use Steve's new Perl script or the existing tools on the preseed wiki page.

-- Paul Wise

Building Debian using Clang instead of gcc

The experience to rebuild the Debian archive with Clang instead of gcc continued. This time with 8.0.1, 9.0.1 & 10rc2. Results are available on A blog post detailing the results has been published. A maintainer view is also available.

-- Sylvestre Ledru

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