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News for Debian developers

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Example of news

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-- Your Name

Submit projects to be funded by Freexian

Freexian and the team of paid LTS contributors decided to try to give back to the various Debian teams that are impacted by the work done in the LTS project. We are now putting aside a part of the money collected for LTS and we are offering to use this money to fund development projects benefiting to the above teams and to Debian in general.

You can find more details about the rationale in this debian-project post.

You can learn more about how to submit project proposals in the salsa project used to coordinate this new initiative:

We received the first project proposal from the Debian security team, but there's enough funding available to cover multiple projects of this size currently.

-- Raphaël Hertzog

DEP-14 on Git packaging layout moved to candidate status

DEP-14 (Recommended layout for Git packaging repositories) has been updated to avoid the use of the "master" term. We're now recommending "debian/latest" as the default packaging branch. The DEP has also been promoted from DRAFT to CANDIDATE, since the bulk of the recommendation has been in wide-use for a long time.

A good next step would be for the various tools to be updated so that their default behaviour match what's recommended in this DEP. For git-buildpackage this has been requested a long time ago in #829444, I'm sure the maintainer would love to get some merge request implementing this.

-- Raphaël Hertzog

Debian automatically generated QEMU images for many architectures available for development

Project DQIB (Debian Quick Image Baker) aims at providing weekly-generated Debian sid images for QEMU for many architectures. All downloads also contain a README file with a sample QEMU command that will immediately launch your image. You can then login via the emulated terminal or via SSH and install all the packages you need and have root privileges. They can be useful for developers when porterboxes are not appropriate for some reason (you need root privileges, you need to tinker with networking or file system, you need more disk space, you do not have access to porterboxes because you are not a DD, any other reason).

Not all Debian architectures are currently supported. If you can help to fix those that are not, thank you for letting me know!

-- Giovanni Mascellani

Yes another uscan feature: ctype

Since devscripts 2.20.5, uscan accepts a new watchline parameter for uscan components: ctype. It helps uscan to get current version of a component before comparison: it uses version field of package.json (?JavaScript) or META.json (Perl).

For now, only "nodejs" and "perl" are accepted. If you want to add another language, you just have to post an MR to devscripts to add a new "ctype" in lib/Devscripts/Uscan/Ctype/ directory.

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