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News for Debian developers

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FTBFS, a new UDD cgi script

A long time ago, I created a small page to track the current packages that FTBFS on ppc64el. It also showed if a package only FTBFS on ppc64el, or if it FTBFS on other arches as well.

Since last week, this page has been available as a UDD cgi script

Thanks to Mattia Rizzolo for the review and to Nyov for the python3-conversion.

-- Erwan Prioul <>

Debian CI pipeline

On behalf the salsa-ci-team we would like to spread the word about the Continuous Integration pipeline we have created for Debian contributors.

The main idea is to have faster feedback when you are working in a package if it has the quality needed to be part of the Debian archive. The tests we got working so far, are the following:

Please follow the README to enable CI in your packages.

-- Agustin Henze <>

New salsa tool in devscripts

devscripts 2.18.11 (experimental for now) includes a new tool named "salsa". This tool can be used by contributors and team maintainers to manage their repositories and user rights. salsa(1) manpage shows the full features. Some examples that speak for themselves:

# Contribute in own namespace
$ salsa fork js-team/node-mongodb
# ... modification in a new branch in a single commit
$ salsa mr

# Create Salsa project + configure project following team policy
#  + push local repo
$ salsa --conf-file +/js/salsa-policy.conf push_repo .

$ salsa update_safe --all --group js-team --kgb --irc-channel debian-js --tagpending --desc

# Or simply
$ salsa --conf-file +/js/salsa.conf update_safe --all

Teams that want to use it are encouraged to provide a salsa.conf. Of course contributions and bug report/fix are welcome !

-- Xavier Guimard <>


lintian-brush is a new tool that can automatically fix more than 30 common lintian issues in packages maintained in a Git repository.

To use it, install the package and simply run:

$ lintian-brush

in the top-level of your (version-controlled) Debian package.

For more details, see its README file and the blog post announcing it.

-- Jelmer Vernooij <>

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