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News for Debian developers

This wiki page collects small news that all developers should know but that are not worth a dedicated mail to debian-devel-announce. Follow the template "Example of news" and add your news below it. See /Help for more information on how to write entries. If you have any questions, please ask the publicity team or the the Debian English localisation mailing-list.

If you are able to post to debian-devel-announce (all Debian members can) and there are 5 or more items below, you might want to send out the news. To send out a new issue, you can use this helper script to generate the email version of this page. After generating the mail, proof-read it, correct any spelling, formatting or grammatical errors and send out the mail. Once the mail is sent and archived, please delete the items that were sent, add a link to the archived mail in the Previous news section and mention the mail in ProjectNews.

Example of news

This is a sample news. Copy it and edit the title, content and signature... You can use links like this. Put real news below this sample.

-- Your Name

Hiding package tracker action items

The Debian package tracker lists action items for each package. Some of these may not apply to individual visitors to the package tracker. For example, people who have enough packages to maintain already probably don't want to see suggestions to adopt orphaned dependencies of packages. The Debian package tracker now applies an action-item-* CSS class to each action item representing the type of the action item. You can use this via the Stylus WebExtension (not yet in Debian) or Firefox's userContent.css. For example, this CSS will hide items suggesting adoption of orphaned dependencies:

.action-item-debian-depneedsmaint { display: none; }

-- Paul Wise

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