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LinuxBase (this is, including Debian) would have a file to store the desktop resolution.

This seems to be getting too big...I think perhaps we should consider something along this lines, and come back to these issues later. Do you think this is possible?

We the undersigned do affirm our belief KDE and GNOME have made valuable contributions to the Open Source desktop. Furthermore we assert that both environments are capable of providing an excellent desktop enviornment for Debian Desktop, given further development. Finally, we declare that neither Gnome nor KDE are currently furnished with the debian-specific graphical administration tools and extensive documentation required by debian-desktop users. Therefore, we move that the following resolution be pragmatically adopted to ensure that at least one mainstream environment will be suitable for the daily desktop needs of debian-desktop users.

A vote is to be taken by all debian-developers, to be complete no later than April 21, 2003, to determine whether Gnome or KDE should be initially adopted as the preferred desktop enviornment for Debian desktop. The environment with the majority of the votes will be considered the preferred Debian desktop for the next two stable release. A committee will be established, consisting of the leaders of debian-installer, debian-desktop, package maintainers for the preferred desktop enivornment, and experts from debian-policy, to ensure that debian-installer's non-advanced desktop options install the Debian prefered desktop enviornment by default. This committee will also be responsible for designing a framework for debian-specific administrative tools, including the proposal of any neccessary policy changes to support their operation. Furthermore, this committee will be charged with setting certain minimum standards of documentation and functionality (including implementation of the administration interfaces) for the preferred desktop environment. Additionally, this committee will report at least bi-anually during its initial two-year appointment with its recommendations on Debian policy. No release is to be marked as stable until the committee, by a two-thirds majority, certifies that each and every criteria of it's minimum standards for desktop functionality has been satisfied. Immediately following the first stable release, a new vote is to be held to determine the new preferred desktop enviornment. Thereafter, the vote will be reheld after every stable release, provided that the release occurs at least twelve months after the previous stable release date.

Rob J. Caskey,, User

Kevin A. Puetz,, User

James Greenhalgh,, Unofficial maintainer of Debian KDE CVS HEAD packages

Old Resolution available, for those interested, via the wiki diff commands.

It is a completely stupid proposition : we can't force users to choose "our" desktop. In either case, Gnome or Kde users will be unhappy with Debian. Moreover, such "dictatorial" or "totalitary" decision would bring the Debian project far away from the Mind of the Community which is "FREEDOM" ! --- Freedom of choice ! ---

I like the proposition. I'd rather one desktop be done well than two only partially done. I'm just wondering if it is going to be more work to set up a community than to support two desktops. As for the other desktop I'm assumming that a lot of the modifications will affect both desktops anyways. (eg configuration tools).

I'd like people who disagree with choosing only one desktop as the official desktop to put in the effort to support both desktops.

So, as I like KDE, I'll be very sad if Gnome is choosen. Moreover, when I see where Gnome is going on with HCI quirks (yes/no button inversion, ...), wrongly recentring on a small group of users which are ready to pay for it (RedHat initiative), ... I am still more unhappy ! I think KDE is THE desktop Debian should be involved in, but I sadly think that this would not be the one choosen. I am a great supporter of Debian. I currently have migrated the servers of my small enterprise to work under Debian Woody. I hope that the Desktop choice won't make my employee unhappy like me if Gnome is choosen.

I think it is worth noting that Debian could readily become the de-facto testing base for implementing the specifications and proposals set forth on the website. This being the case it is inappropriate for the project to select a single desktop environment for concentrated development. As it stands we have participation from some very dedicated members of each XDE project and in some cases we work directly with the upstream. I see no benefit in shoving either team out of the picture.