Debian Design Blend

Debian Design is a Debian Pure Blend providing fully configured installations suitable for creative designers.

Project Information

Project is currently under development, by the Debian Design Team.

The team uses Gobby for collaborative note-taking. Find all documents at infinote:// (http export).

The team uses Mumble at for realtime voice meetings. See for help to setup access to Mumble.

Comments or suggestions? Send a message to the list.

Wanna join? Register an account at Salsa and request to join our team.

Your participation is welcome!


DesignBlend is organized in system profiles:

Desktop environment for animation designers.

Desktop environment for graphics designers.

Desktop environment for web designers.

Development notes


Should provide consistent, non-attention-stealing color scheme.

Maybe start out with GTK theme greybird.

Window management

Should provide consistent window frames - e.g. thickness, shadows, action buttons view and logic.

Concrete (possibly outdated) example: Evince showing double menus with Xfce desktop with GTK+ 2.0 widgets.

See also: Design/Theming


Should use flat icons.


Should provide consistent default fonts across applications and widget frameworks.