Design in Debian

Design in Debian is several things.

This page covers topics related to creative design. For technical design, see most other pages in this Debian wiki...

Debian Design Team

Debian Design team works on high-level creative designability of Debian, and on welcoming designers into Debian.

Please join if you are interested in discussing high-level creative designability of Debian, and collaborate with designers in Debian, designers using Debian, and package maintainers of design-related packages.

The Debian design team doesn't make other people's or existing team's work in the Debian ecosystem less important; we don't replace but complement and add value to their work.

Design for designers

Welcome to Debian!

You may want to consider using our DesignBlend - e.g. by installing one of its metapackages

Please consider joining the Design Team (see above).

DebianDesign Pure Blend

Debian Pure Blend for designers.

Design for all users of Debian

Make it easy for designers to make/ improve desktop designs in Debian.

Pilot project: Huayruru

Huayruru is a desktopdesign for a specific user group. Fix (or fork) a theme to fit two desktop environments (Sugar and XFCE).

Design for package maintainers

Help designers raise design issues towards package maintainers and their upstreams.


Debian Design Resources

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