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Debian Design Team

Welcome, designer, to Debian.

Discussion and coordination between designers in Debian, designers using Debian, and package maintainers of design-related packages is happening in this team.

Please join in if you are interested in these issues, of which there are many. Questions are welcome.

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For designers

Make Debian attractive for designers to use.

Concrete subproject: DebianDesign

Debian Pure Blend for designers.

Suggested flavors:

For users

Make it easy for designers to make/ improve desktop designs in Debian.

Pilot project: Huayruru

Huayruru is a desktopdesign for a specific user group. Fix (or fork) a theme to fit two desktop environments (Sugar and XFCE).

Package maintainers

Help designers raise design issues towards package maintainers and their upstreams.


Debian Design Resources

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