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'''Email contact''': derivatives@debian.org (an alias to the debian-derivatives mailing list)<<BR>> '''Email contact''': derivatives@debian.org (forwards to the debian-derivatives mailing list)<<BR>>

Debian Derivatives Front Desk

This is the home of the derivatives frontdesk. This group helps developers of Debian derivative distributions to contribute their changes back to Debian by:

  • mentoring them through Debian-specific details (procedures) to get their packages into Debian
  • getting them in touch with the right people (teams, etc)

  • discussing and establishing processes to share efforts among derivatives and with Debian
  • ...

Email contact: derivatives@debian.org (forwards to the debian-derivatives mailing list)
IRC channel: #debian-derivatives

How to help

You can join the mailing list debian-derivatives@lists.debian.org (learn more ...) and help there in replying to inquiries from derivative contributors or more generally discuss there any topic related to the interaction between Debian and derivatives distributions.

When posting, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • the above contact point derivatives@debian.org points to the debian-derivatives mailing list, please explicitly Cc: people that only posted to derivatives@debian.org otherwise they will not get your reply

  • the list is a mentoring place for people in need of guidance, please be friendly: that list is not the place for RTFM-kind-of-replies
  • over time, please consider contributing to the FAQ; eventually it might become good documentation for derivatives

More ways to help include:

  • encourage Debian derivatives to participate in the census

    • add ideas for integration of the census with Debian infrastructure

  • contribute to the derivatives guidelines

  • start a DEX subproject for merging work done in your derivative back into Debian proper


  • FAQ - frequently asked questions

  • Distro-specific resources can be found in the derivatives census

  • Guidelines for derivative distributions are available

  • Meetings for proposed meeting dates and times.