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#deb https://quirinux.ga/main/buster buster main

wget -O - http://www.quirinux.ga/gpg/quirinux.asc | apt-key add -

Last updated <<DateTime(2021-09-07T02:59:23Z)>>
 * apt repository key: http://www.quirinux.ga/gpg/quirinux.asc
 * "Note about apt sources: The software packages that Quirinux offers were made based on the originals of each developer and we do not include them on our server. All native Quirinux software code and modded code is published at [[https://github.com/quirinux-so|https://github.com/quirinux-so]]"

quirinux logo Quirinux is a Debian derivative intended to be a complete live-usb solution for animated filmmakers.