quirinux logo Quirinux is a Debian derivative intended to be a complete live-usb solution for animated filmmakers.

# No source packages are provided

deb https://quirinux.ga/repo quirinux main

* Repository content: Most of the programs included in the Quirinux repositories are repackaging of software not available in the Debian repositories. These are mainly programs that, outside of the Quirinux repository, are only available -from its official sources- in appimage format and they were not available in .deb format.

* Note about apt sources: The software packages offered by Quirinux were made based on the original ones, made by its developers: third parties who are not part of the Quirinux development team. The source code for them is not stored on the Quirinux server. However, and with the exception of some firmware in particular, it is exclusively open source programs or free software that can be traced and located in each particular GIT project of each development. All native Quirinux software code and modified code is posted on https://github.com/quirinux-so