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# No source packages are provided, the deb-src entries below are empty


pengwin logo

Pengwin is a Debian derivative made for WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). It was created by WSL users who recognized the potential of the platform.

# No source packages are provided, the deb-src entries below are empty

deb https://packagecloud.io/whitewaterfoundry/pengwin-base/debian/ bullseye main
deb-src https://packagecloud.io/whitewaterfoundry/pengwin-base/debian/ bullseye main
deb https://packagecloud.io/whitewaterfoundry/pengwin-setup/debian/ bullseye main
deb-src https://packagecloud.io/whitewaterfoundry/pengwin-setup/debian/ bullseye main
deb https://packagecloud.io/whitewaterfoundry/wslu/debian/ bullseye main
deb-src https://packagecloud.io/whitewaterfoundry/wslu/debian/ bullseye main

deb https://packagecloud.io/whitewaterfoundry/pengwin-base/debian/ buster main
deb-src https://packagecloud.io/whitewaterfoundry/pengwin-base/debian/ buster main
deb https://packagecloud.io/whitewaterfoundry/pengwin-setup/debian/ buster main
deb-src https://packagecloud.io/whitewaterfoundry/pengwin-setup/debian/ buster main
deb https://packagecloud.io/whitewaterfoundry/wslu/debian/ buster main
deb-src https://packagecloud.io/whitewaterfoundry/wslu/debian/ buster main

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