PakOS is a humble attempt to make an OS primarily for Pakistani People with their peculiar problems, limitations in terms of resources available at their disposal and tastes. Pakistan as a nation has very limited resources at its disposal. Most of the people who use computers have very old hardware available. This makes the PC owners forced to use outdated OSs like Windows XP which is extremely outdated and resultant full of viruses. People are glued to Windows OS and can't think outside the box. Hence PakOS, a completely open source OS with extremely light foot print in terms of RAM and processor usage. I hope to make it work in 256 MB RAM and a single core processor in real world use, with visual outlook similar to windows. Also it has to be reasonably secure for home, office, Internet and offline use

deb bionic contrib
deb stable etcher
deb eoan main

Last updated 2019-08-29 13:48:40