http://substantiel.fr/liens/images/logo-ordissimo.jpg is a Debian derivative aimed at being the easiest to use (especially for the elderly) for a complete desktop use (internet, email, photos, webcam and many other applications). It contains a custom simplified desktop interface.

# WARNING : Please read the following disclaimer before using our repositories

# Ordissimo is supposed to be a distribution pre-installed in our products
# DO NOT upgrade your system with these repositories.
# We strongly recommends you to use them in an isolated environnement.
# Some packages may break your system.

# Main repository with all our packages and modified packages from squeeze
deb [arch=i386] http://substantielwww.dyndns.org/ordissimo sr2010-stable main non-free
deb-src http://substantielwww.dyndns.org/ordissimo sr2010-stable main non-free

# A repository for partial updates (when we want to release some packages
#  sooner than the next scheduled big update)
deb [arch=i386] http://substantielwww.dyndns.org/ordissimo sr2010-updates main non-free
deb-src http://substantielwww.dyndns.org/ordissimo sr2010-updates main non-free

# A partial merge and mirror of Debian squeeze repositories (just what we need)
deb [arch=i386] http://substantielwww.dyndns.org/ordissimo squeeze main non-free contrib
deb-src http://substantielwww.dyndns.org/ordissimo squeeze main non-free contrib

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