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 * Status: active (2012-12-10)  * Status: inactive (2013-07-02)
   * [[http://lists.debian.org/51D28E63.8040108@ogersoft.at|Merged with Lernstick]]


LinuxAdvanced Logo LinuxAdvanced is a Debian based Live system primary developed for use in schools/education.

# No apt-repository. Download binary as iso-image and source as tarball.
# source: http://www.linuxadvanced.at/downloads/12-1/source/LADVD-12-1-source.tgz
# binary: http://www.linuxadvanced.at/downloads/12-1/binary/LADVD-12-1.iso
# Nevertheless there is a minimal sources.list on the live image:
#deb [arch=i386] http://cdn.debian.net/debian/ sid main contrib non-free
#deb [arch=i386] http://cdn.debian.net/debian/ squeeze main contrib non-free
##deb [arch=i386] http://cdn.debian.net/debian/ lenny main contrib non-free
#deb [arch=i386] http://mirror.home-dn.net/debian-multimedia/ sid main
#deb-src http://mirror.home-dn.net/debian-multimedia/ sid main

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