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   * http://blog.handylinux.org/article265/dernier-article
   * http://blog.handylinux.org/article266/handylinux-dflinux-la-derniere-ligne-droite


HandyLinux logo

HandyLinux is a french Debian derivative for very beginners aimed at being a bridge between nonfree and free software users. HandyLinux is available in french and in english.

## HandyLinux-v1 'stable'
deb [arch=i386,amd64] http://repo.handylinux.org/debian stable main
deb-src http://repo.handylinux.org/debian stable main
## HandyLinux-v2 'jessie'
deb [arch=i386,amd64] http://repo.handylinux.org/debian jessie main
deb-src http://repo.handylinux.org/debian jessie main
## HandyLinux compiz packages for V1
deb [arch=i386,amd64] http://repo.handylinux.org/debian compiz main
deb-src http://repo.handylinux.org/debian compiz main
## HandyLinux testing
deb [arch=i386,amd64] http://repo.handylinux.org/debian testing main
deb-src http://repo.handylinux.org/debian testing main

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