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http://www.finnix.org/w/skins/finnix/logo.png Finnix is a console-based LiveCD with a focus on system administration tasks. It is available for x86/AMD64 and PowerPC/PPC64 architectures, and is aware of and will work out of the box with several virtualization systems (Xen and User Mode Linux). Finnix is the oldest LiveCD still in production (since 2000), and has been a derivative of Debian since 2005.

  • Status: active (2011-01-24)
  • Homepage: http://www.finnix.org/

  • Blog: http://blog.finnix.org/

  • Microblog: http://identi.ca/group/finnix

  • Corporate sponsor:
  • Government sponsor:
  • user IRC:
  • devel IRC:
  • Debian IRC:
  • user list: http://lists.colobox.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/finnix

  • devel list:
  • Debian list:
  • user forums:
  • devel forum:
  • Debian forum:
  • wiki: http://www.finnix.org/

  • Debian derivatives census maintainer: Ryan Finnie <ryan@finnie.org> (fo0bar on IRC, ryan@finnie.org XMPP)

  • Debian derivatives census page: Derivatives/Census/Finnix

  • Debian page:
  • Distrowatch page: http://distrowatch.com/finnix

  • Distribution type: live image
  • Debian derivative model: uses Debian binary packages and adds/modifies some source packages
  • Based on: Debian testing, with modified kernels and other packages from Debian unstable, as needed
  • VCS repository:
  • Bug tracker:
  • Forwarded bugs:
  • Architectures: i386 (+amd64 kernel) powerpc (+powerpc64 kernel)
  • Patches repo:
  • Docs about Example for Debian developers:
  • Docs about Debian for Example developers:
  • Example glossary:
  • Package comparison:
  • Popcon information:
  • QA information:
  • lintian information:
  • piuparts information:
  • static analysis information:
  • list of developers:
  • developer blogs:
  • developer microblogs:
  • derivatives info:
  • mirrors file:
  • apt repositories:

deb [arch=i386,powerpc] http://packages.finnix.org/ testing main
deb [arch=i386,powerpc] http://packages.finnix.org/ dev main
deb [arch=powerpc] http://packages.finnix.org/ testing archive
deb [arch=powerpc] http://packages.finnix.org/ dev archive
deb-src http://packages.finnix.org/ testing main archive
deb-src http://packages.finnix.org/ dev main archive

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