A mass bug filing has taken place against packages which depend or build-depend on xlibs-dev. The bugs are all usertagged by the debian-release@lists.debian.org user with the tag transition-xlibs-dev. A link to all the bugs is available for easy reference here.

So how to fix all these bugs? The easy answer is that you simply replace xlibs-dev build-depend with the individual libraries that the package actually build-depends on. Moritz Muehlenhoff has made a script available to help determine which libs are necessary. David Nusinow has mirrored this script here. It should help you determine exactly what build-dependencies are necessary. Alternate methods for updating your build-dependencies are to go through your header files and determine which packages your #include'ed headers are located in. Of course, using 'objdump -p | grep NEEDED' on the binaries in your package can be of assistance too. If you need any help in determining the correct build-dependencies for a package, please contact debian-x@lists.debian.org and we'll help you out.

Another item of note for these bugs is that all developers are encouraged to NMU packages affected by them. The transition from XFree86 to Xorg is a release blocker for etch, and as such these bugs need to get fixed or else the package will be removed from testing. In addition, this will prepare the way for the upload of Xorg 7.0 to unstable, as shipping this with etch is a major release goal for the X Strike Force.

The rules for NMU'ing to follow are the ones set by the Release Team in their January mail to debian-devel-announce: a week after the bug is submitted, upload directly to unstable as a 0-day NMU after sending the patch to the BTS. The NMU can happen immediately after you send the patch. Please read the bug before doing your NMU as well, as any maintainer who does not want their package to be subject to NMU for this issue should note the reasons why in the bug.

For those of you who are concerned about backportability of these fixes to sarge, you shouldn't have to worry. All the packages that xlibs-dev depended on are present in sarge, so adding explicit build-depends on them shouldn't break anything for backports.

If you have any questions about NMU'ing procedures please direct them to debian-release@lists.debian.org. If you have technical questions about the proper build-depends or anything else directly related to X, please send them to debian-x@lists.debian.org. Thanks everyone!

Please * tag your bugs pending if you are working in an upload. * declare blocking relationships for non-related bugs that might stop fixing the xlibs-dev issue. * look at the bugs that have been provided a suitable patch and consider sponsoring that work into the archive.

This is a list of packages, which build-depend on (now obsolete) xlibs-dev, generated from the list created by Daniel Kobras.

I'm going through this list and marking the status of all these packages. If I write "verified" and don't give a bug number, then a bug has not yet been filed as of the verification date. Please keep these remarks up-to-date as you file bugs, and link to the bugs. My verification script is here; it should be run in an otherwise empty test directory. --KevinMcCarty

WARNING: This list is not being kept up to date by anyone right now, and should not be taken as the canonical location. Use this link to the BTS instead. -- David Nusinow

3dchess (verified 2006/01/07) (NMU uploaded to Delayed-5)

9menu (verified 2006/01/07)

ace (verified 2006/01/07) (maintainer alive, pending upload 346607)

acfax (fixed in 981011-10)

acm (fixed in 5.0-21)

acm4 (fixed in 4.7-16)

advi (verified 2006/01/07)

aee (verified 2006/01/07)

aewm++ (verified 2006/01/07)

aewm++-goodies (verified 2006/01/07)

airsnort (verified 2006/01/07)

amaterus (verified 2006/01/07)

amaya (verified 2006/01/07) (FTBFS, please help 346632)

amphetamine (verified 2006/01/07)

apple2 (verified 2006/01/07)

arla (verified 2006/01/07)

arson (verified 2006/01/07)

ascd (verified 2006/01/07)

ascdc (verified 2006/01/07)

asclassic (verified 2006/01/07)

asclock (verified 2006/01/07)

ascpu (verified 2006/01/07)

asmix (verified 2006/01/07)

asmon (fixed in 0.70-2)

asmounter (verified 2006/01/07)

astrolog (verified 2006/01/07)

atari800 (verified 2006/01/07)

atom4 (verified 2006/01/07)

audiooss (verified 2006/01/07)

ax25-tools (fixed in 0.0.8-10)

axe (verified 2006/01/07)

axiom (verified 2006/01/07)

ayttm (verified 2006/01/07)

baken (verified 2006/01/07)

baycomepp (verified 2006/01/07)

bbdate (verified 2006/01/07)

bbkeys (verified 2006/01/07)

bclock (verified 2006/01/07)

bdfresize (verified 2006/01/07)

billard-gl (fixed in 1.75-9)

blast (verified 2006/01/07)

blockade (verified 2006/01/07)

bristol (verified 2006/01/07)

bugsx (verified 2006/01/07)

buici-clock (verified 2006/01/07)

bzflag (verified 2006/01/07 - by the way, why on earth is this packaged Debian-natively???)

camorama (verified 2006/01/07)

canna (verified 2006/01/07)

cheops (verified 2006/01/07)

chimera2 (verified 2006/01/07)

clara (verified 2006/01/07)

clips (verified 2006/01/07)

clisp (verified 2006/01/07)

coin (verified 2006/01/07)

coin2 (verified 2006/01/07)

conky (verified 2006/01/07)

coolmail (verified 2006/01/07)

cpanel (verified 2006/01/07 - n.b. this breaks my verification script because the .diff.gz patches an existing debian/changelog file in upstream source)

crack-attack (verified 2006/01/07)

craft (fixed in 3.5-11)

cronosii (verified 2006/01/07)

crossfire (fixed in 1.8.0-2)

crossfire-client (fixed in 1.8.0-2)

crystalspace (verified 2006/01/07)

cthugha (verified 2006/01/07)

d4x (verified 2006/01/07)

desklaunch (verified 2006/01/07)

dfm (verified 2006/01/07)

dia (verified 2006/01/07)

djvulibre (fixed in 3.5.16-2)

dxpc (verified 2006/01/07)

e16keyedit (verified 2006/01/07)

e16menuedit (verified 2006/01/07)

ecawave (verified 2006/01/07)

egoboo (verified 2006/01/07 - n.b. this breaks my verification script because the Build-Depends are on multiple lines - is this even permitted?)

epplets (verified 2006/01/07)

erlang (verified 2006/01/07)

euler (verified 2006/01/07)

evilwm (verified 2006/01/07)

exim (verified 2006/01/07) This is the old version 3 package; shouldn't it go away soon?

exult (verified 2006/01/07)

fbdesk (verified 2006/01/07)

fbi (verified 2006/01/07)

fcitx (verified 2006/01/07)

felt (verified 2006/01/07)

fidelio (verified 2006/01/07)

fkiss (verified 2006/01/07) (Fixed 344124 in 0.33a.patch-5)

floatbg (verified 2006/01/07, 346396)

flying (verified 2006/01/07)

fnlib (verified 2006/01/07)

fontforge (verified 2006/01/07, 344124)

fookb (verified 2006/01/07)

freeciv (verified 2006/01/07)

freecraft (verified 2006/01/07)

freefem (verified 2006/01/07)

freesci (verified 2006/01/07)

freetype (verified 2006/01/07)

freetype1 (fixed in NMU of 1.4pre.20050518-0.2, fixing 346244)

fspanel (verified 2006/01/07)

fte (fixed in NMU of 0.50.0-1.3, fixing 346262)

fvwm (fixed in 1:2.5.14-5)

fvwm1 (fixed in 1.24r-49)

g2 (verified 2006/01/07)

gacc (verified 2006/01/07)

gatos (verified 2006/01/07)

gauche-gtk (fixed in 0.4.1-4 or earlier)

gbase (verified 2006/01/07)

gcrontab (verified 2006/01/07) (NMU uploaded to Delayed-5)

gcvs (verified 2006/01/07)

geda-gschem (verified 2006/01/07)

geg (verified 2006/01/07)

gentoo (verified 2006/01/07)

gerbv (verified 2006/01/07)

ggobi (verified 2006/01/07)

ghc6 (verified 2006/01/07)

ghc-cvs (verified 2006/01/07)

gkrelldnet (verified 2006/01/07)

gkrellm (verified 2006/01/07)

gkrellm-leds (verified 2006/01/07)

gkrellweather (verified 2006/01/07)

gle (verified 2006/01/07)

glew (verified 2006/01/07)

gmfsk (verified 2006/01/07)

gnokii (verified 2006/01/07)

gnome-randr-applet (verified 2006/01/07)

gnome-ruby (verified 2006/01/07)

gnome-system-tools (verified 2006/01/07)

gnuboy (verified 2006/01/07)

gnurobots (verified 2006/01/07)

gnuserv (verified 2006/01/07)

gpsim (verified 2006/01/07, 346347 Almost fixed)

gpsim-lcd (verified 2006/01/07) (Almost fixed)

gpsim-led (verified 2006/01/07) (Almost fixed)

gpsim-logic (verified 2006/01/07) (Almost fixed)

gqcam (fixed in 0.9.1-3)

grabc (verified 2006/01/07)

gretl (verified 2006/01/07)

grig (verified 2006/01/07)

groundhog (verified 2006/01/07)

gs-afpl (verified 2006/01/07)

gtalk (verified 2006/01/07)

gtkatlantic (verified 2006/01/07)

gtkdevice (verified 2006/01/07)

gtkeyboard (verified 2006/01/07)

gtkfontsel (verified 2006/01/07)

gtk-gnutella (verified 2006/01/07)

gtktrain (verified 2006/01/07)

gtkwave (fixed in 1.3.81-1)

gtoaster (verified 2006/01/07)

guile-gtk-1.2 (verified 2006/01/07)

gutenbrowser (fixed in 3:0.8.1-1 or earlier)

gutenprint (fixed in 4.3.99+cvs20051122.dfsg.1-2)

gxset (verified 2006/01/07)

hanterm-xf (verified 2006/01/07)

heimdal (verified 2006/01/07)

hex (verified 2006/01/07)

hotkeys (verified 2006/01/07)

hp2xx (verified 2006/01/07)

hydrogen (verified 2006/01/07)

ibp (verified 2006/01/07; hmm, also build-depends on debmake!)

icewm (verified 2006/01/07)

ida (verified 2006/01/07)

imlib (fixed in 1.9.14-27)

inventor (verified 2006/01/07)

ircii-pana (verified 2006/01/07)

isdnbutton (verified 2006/01/07)

isdnutils (fixed in 1:3.8.2005-12-06-3)

italc (verified 2006/01/07)

itcl3 (verified 2006/01/07)

itcl3.0 (verified 2006/01/07)

itcl3.1 (verified 2006/01/07)

iterm (verified 2006/01/07)

ivtools (verified 2006/01/07)

jack-tools (verified 2006/01/07)

jazip (verified 2006/01/07)

jed (verified 2006/01/07 but fixed in experimental)

jester (verified 2006/01/07)

jnethack (verified 2006/01/07)

jove (verified 2006/01/07)

jwm (verified 2006/01/07)

kaffe (verified 2006/01/07)

kaptain (verified 2006/01/07)

xdigger (verified 2006/01/07) (fixed in 1.0.10-9)