KalleSoderman : I'm just wondering why the first item on the page isn't a H1 heading rather than an intro paragraph? Is this a MoinMoin thing or a formatting decision?

Hello Kalle,
This is for search engine optimization: HTML's heading tags (h1, h2, h3.. h6) are very important for search engines to focus what the pages are about. Moinmoin automatically creates a <h1> tag, with the page name at the top of the page. We then use <h2> for the content's heading, so search engines knows about the page structure (heading hierarchy). Still, the tag <h1> is used in two cases in the wiki:

  1. when a page is translated, it is sometime sensible to insert =Translated Page name= to improve page match (because translated page must be named xx/PageName where xx is the language iso code.

  2. on very few occasion, where the page name is very short, it is sensible to insert a long page title at the top.

When Debian website will be redesigned, the wiki theme will be updated accordingly. Therefore moinmoin theme will place the page title appropriately. -- FranklinPiat 2009-11-05 07:32:09