I just LOVE Debian GNU/Linux!! A robust, open and wonderful piece of software I have yet witnessed, and with an army of users, supporters, developers and maintainers to help you on the irc.freenode.org channels, what else could you more ask?

Moreover, I have recently decided to set somewhat extremely pretentious goal :) which was first set by EddyP who has already contributed to DebianInstaller, to finish/improve the Debian installer graphical front end. Check out the DebianInstaller/GUI.

I have been using Debian GNU/Linux for the last year or so and has been using and watching linux on and off since about January 2000.

After starting out way back with RedHat 6.2 , moving along the way to Mandrake 7.2 , 8.0 and 9.2 eventually to land safely onto Debian GNU/Linux.

I never used another OS since!

Some features which attracted me to Debian GNU/Linux more than other distributions I have tried and installed:

Anyways, as you might have suspected it's true - I'm really addicted to it and am especially interested in exploring the future of personal desktop computing.

I believe that KDE along with GNOME and Debian GNU/Linux can make up the future desktop system on top of intet's cheap cheap hardware.. :) (Optimistic aren't I?)

I also explored ways to use Debian GNU/Linux as a:

If you see me on IRC don't hesitate to ask, if I don't know the answer I will try directing you to the person who might know about it. (he might forward you to someone else and so forth hack! when you come to think of it, you might be asking yourself questions eventually ;-> )

I used Andrew M. Shculman's howto:

Thanks Andrew!