Debian GNU/kFreeBSD users

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Dale Anderson

Currently implementing a automated build set based on LFS to build a GNU/kFreeBSD system on linux using Amin see .

Alexander Sack (asac at d.o)


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For me one important aspect of open source is choice. Thus, providing alternatives to the Debian GNU/Linux architectures is a major reason to support such affords.

At home I have two GNU/kFreeBSD installations. One, merely for freebsd kernel-hacking and porting debian packages and one (dual boot) as my secondary desktop system. The only thing that keeps from switching to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD are some missing packages that I try to help porting anyways. Once this is done, I hope I can use Debian GNU/kFreeBSD as my primary desktop system.

I consider this system ready for limited production use and intend to work on it in the future. In consequence, I would like GNU/kFreeBSD on i386 ("kfreebsd-i386") to be approved for SCC.


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Hannes Hauswedell

I've got Debian GNU/kFreeBSD installed for a while now and hope it will develop into fully-supported Debian Project. Currently my primary OS is FreeBSD and my secondary is Ubuntu/Debian GNU/Linux; Debian GNU/kFreeBSD will be primary as soon as KDE works. I think a union of Debian and BSD would attract a huge userbase from both communities and would promote Debian and GNU beyond the borders of Linux.

Julien Blache (jblache at d.o)


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I installed kfreebsd-i386 on a dedicated host, primarily to port my packages in advance. Seeing how well the system works, I plan to get more involved in the port, and I could use it once it'll reach stable status.

I hereby support the inclusion of kfreebsd-i386 as an official Debian port, and not a "Vancouvered" one.


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I plan to install Debian GNU/kFreeBSD on my i686 desktop as a alternative to Linux. I like the *BSD's, though far prefer Debian tools and a GNU userland :). Update: GNU/kFreeBSD is installed and working :)

Pablo Baena (pbaena at G mail dot com)

I'm using kFreeBSD at work and planning to use it at home. I think it's the perfect combination of realiability and ease of use.

Ernesto PĂ©rez

After using FreeBSD for about two years, I've recently installed Debian GNU/kFreeBSD in one of my computers, which is currently running as a private ftp & ssh server. I'm also using it for network tests, but I hope some day it'll be as usable as it is Debian GNU/Linux.

Robert Edmonds


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As a Debian user and former developer, I find FreeBSD's ports system and Linus' kernel to be increasingly unsatisfactory as Debian's packaging system and FreeBSD's kernel have continued to improve. I run many sarge and FreeBSD servers, and experiment with Debian GNU/kFreeBSD regularly.


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Jerome Magnin (jethro at docisland dot org)

I m a debian user, and have been running GNU/kfreebsd for some weeks now on a testbed, as an alternative to the linux kernel. I ve been using BSD systems for years, and never was satisfied by the ports available, and the way you deal with them. I m glad to see an alternative in GNU/kfreebsd.

Jose A. Jimenez Madrid (madrid at iaa dot es)

I am a debian user who would like to use the FreeBSD kernel, for this reason I've instaled GNU/Kfreebsd. Now, I am testing this port. My primary OS is Debian GNU/Linux, my secondary is Debian GNU/Kfreebsd, and my tertiary id Debian GNU/Hurd. I plan to get more involved in the port, and I'll use it once it'll reach stable status.

Selman Ulug (selman at softhome dot net)

  - my work computer Debian GNU/Linux
  - my company servers FreeBSD
  - now my home computer Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

It's a good mixture, isn't it?

Philipp Hug (debian at hug dot cx)

I'm a Debian maintainer and also a FreeBSD user. I have GNU/kFreeBSD installed as a VM and I'm looking where I can help out porting.

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