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This page is about Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Live CD.


We would like to have a Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Live CD but in order to have that we need to check the feasibility of it.

FreeBSD Live CD(s)

kFreeBSD live-build requirements

Overlaying filesystem support

# mount -t unionfs -o noatime /mnt/ /media/cdrom
# mount | grep /media/cdrom
/dev/cd0 on /media/cdrom (cd9660, local, read-only)
<above>:/mnt on /media/cdrom (unionfs, local, noatime)

# ls /media/cdrom/
autorun.bat  css     doc       md5sum.txt  README.html          README.txt
autorun.inf  debian  firmware  pics        README.html          README.txt~
boot         dists   firmware  pics        README.html~
boot         dists   install   pool        README.mirrors.html
css          doc     install   pool        README.mirrors.txt

Storage device enumeration

Compressed root filesystem