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Graphics cards

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kfreebsd 10.1 in jessie has KMS, a framebuffer console and 3D acceleration. 3D gaming and high-definition video playback is possible.


Intel graphics chipsets probably work best, using the free i915kms driver.

You may need to load kernel modules manually before Xorg starts (731182, 731182) :

    # kldload drm2
    # kldload i915kms


The free driver requires non-free microcode from firmware-linux-nonfree (we can use the package on kfreebsd). Otherwise Xorg may fall back to vesa mode.

You may need to load kernel module drm2 manually before Xorg starts (731182) :

    # kldload drm2

Chipset / model

vesa mode

radeonkms driver

Radeon HD 6800 Series


perfect, performs even better than Linux!

The proprietary driver from AMD is not available for GNU/kFreeBSD.


Normally the vesa driver will be used.

The old "nv" driver is available (it is open-source, but found in Debian's "non-free" respository). Testing is needed. It is unclear which cards will work.

Chipset / model

vesa mode

nv driver

C68 [?GeForce 7025 / nForce 630a]


unusable, display is corrupt

The actively-developed "nouveau" driver for Linux is not available yet.

The proprietary driver from nVidia is not available for GNU/kFreeBSD.