Basic questions

Q. What does the 'k' in "kFreeBSD" stand for?

A. It's an abbreviation. It stands for "kernel of". Hence "kFreeBSD" means "kernel of FreeBSD", and "GNU/kFreeBSD" means "GNU with kernel of FreeBSD".

Q. Is kFreeBSD 6.x supported?

A. No, someone made a package but there are runtime errors. See (the latest code is in svn now, in trunk/kfreebsd-6/)

Q. Can I run Debian GNU/kFreeBSD in a chroot under FreeBSD?

A. Yes, but it won't work perfectly unless you apply some kernel patches. You can get them from the Debian kfreebsd-5 source package, but it is up to you to find out and decide which ones you need. We recommend to use a Debian kernel for running Debian GNU/kFreeBSD userland. In case something fails, you're on your own.

Q. Can I share a swap partition between GNU/Linux and GNU/kFreeBSD?

A. Yes, but it's not recommended. See for details on how to proceed. Also note that Linux tends to save suspend-to-disk data to the swap partition, which makes sharing swap less attractive.

Q. Can I share my home partition between GNU/Linux and GNU/kFreeBSD?

A. Yes, but you must use ext2fs. ufs (either 1 or 2) are not supported in any version of Linux (the kernel). When creating the filesystem, pass "-O none" to mke2fs for best results.

For ext3fs, kFreeBSD can only access it in readonly mode.

There are patches for reiserfs (see #335019) and xfs (#335020) support around, but we haven't integrated them in our kernels yet.

Q. What's the status of amd64 support?

A. There are plans for it, but it's on hold untill we update our Glibc patchset to recent versions (currently we're using 2.3). Help from Glibc hackers would be very appreciated.

Q. apt-get complains that it can't verify binaries. I installed gnupg but the errors persist.

A. You probably don't have the gnuab archive key imported. Try:

Q. I just installed Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. Is there anything I can do to help making it more popular?

A. Yes! You can install/enable popularity-contest (see to increase our user count. Also you can register yourself as Debian GNU/kFreeBSD user in

Q. Firefox (or my favourite Gecko-based browser) just hangs!

A. This is a known problem. Although we haven't found the cause, we suspect the problem is in libnspr. Other browsers like Konqueror, Dillo, etc work just fine.

Development questions

Q. Where can I check buildd logs for a particular package on kfreebsd-i386?

A. and

Q. I'm a Debian maintainer. Is there any machine running GNU/kFreeBSD I can have access to?

A. Yes, see