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Basic questions

Q. What does the 'k' in "kFreeBSD" stand for?

A. It's an abbreviation. It stands for "kernel of". Hence "kFreeBSD" means "kernel of FreeBSD", and "GNU/kFreeBSD" means "GNU with kernel of FreeBSD".

Q. What is the point of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD?

A. This answer has its own wiki page, see Debian GNU/kFreeBSD why.

Q. What version of kFreeBSD is supported?

A. The latest GNU/kFreeBSD install CD is based on the 8.1 kernel, see for details. The 7.3 kernel is also available.

Q. Which Debian releases are available?

A. Debian GNU/kFreeBSD is available in the official Debian archive as unstable and testing, i.e. the sources.list entries are identical to any other machine running Sid or Squeeze. Daily snapshots of D-I images are available at

There are still also lenny-based snapshots of the GNU/kFreeBSD archive. Just use the install CD from Jan 2009 and put the following lines into your /etc/apt/sources.list

deb unstable main
deb unreleased main

Q. Which mirrors offer Debian GNU/kFreeBSD?

A. See official mirror list.

Q. Are there instructions for downloading and installing kfreebsd, that don't require previous knowledge of Debian?

A. Yes, the installation notes and the debian-install manual are pretty generic.

Q. Is there any documentation available?

A. Apart from the regular Debian documentation, there is this wiki page, and that's about it. You are welcome to contribute to the main wiki page of course.

Q. Who are the main contributors?

A. I think contributors would be mostly Aurélien Jarno (.fr), Petr Salinger (.cz), Luca Falavigna (.it?), Robert Millan (.es)

Q. What hardware does this support?

A. see the install instructions and the upstream documentation.

== Q. Does Debian plan to drop support for the Linux kernel and replace it with a FreeBSD k