in VirtualBox

XFCE installs and boots correctly.

The mouse cursor not working?

Can still open the Run dialog with Alt+F2 to start a terminal however.

DNS+networking seems okay.

Can 'apt-get update' but the security suite wasn't enabled by default - it's commented out in /etc/apt/sources.list - that's OK since kfreebsd wheezy didn't any repository for security updates.

During upgrade process to jessie-kfreebsd, user is asked: disable passworded root logs via SSH; restart services automatically...

XFCE terminal crashed during the apt-get dist-upgrade!

Tips for upgrading to jessie-kfreebsd:

update by hand /etc/apt/sources.list "wheezy" -> "jessie-kfreebsd"

also add jessie-kfreebsd-proposed-updates

make sure the security.debian.org line is there and uncommented

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

make sure kfreebsd-10.something is installed in /boot/