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This page attempts to be a reference for all resources related to Debian GNU/Hurd that can be useful for users and developers. Feel free to add more stuff as you see fit.

"In a discussion with the Debian Hurd porters it was decided that the Hurd port stays on FTPMaster until Wheezy is released. Should they have managed to get the port into a state that it is released together with all the others (probably as a technology preview), it is kept in the archive. Should they not manage this the port will be removed from the main archive and move fully to"1

What is Debian GNU/Hurd ?

Debian GNU/Hurd is an operating system from Debian, but which uses GNU Hurd, which a set of servers, running on top of the GNU Mach microkernel instead of the kernel named Linux (thus the name Debian GNU/Hurd). Some day, most applications will exist both in Debian GNU/Hurd and in Debian GNU/Linux.

Basic info

Goals for releasing in wheezy

Goals for later

Developer info

Bits draft


It is half a year since the last "Bits from Debian GNU/Hurd porters[1]", here is an update on the port[2].

The Debian Installer includes support for a graphical interface, CD and DVD images are available[3]. For the impatient we also have a ready-to-go QEMU image[4]. Make sure to read the README file in all cases!

At the GNU Hackers Meeting in Paris in August 2011, Samuel Thibault presented "GNU/Hurd, aka. Extensibility from the Ground" with a very good response from the audience. Slides[5] and a video[6] from that presentation are available.

Since the ftp-master meeting in July 2011, noticeable improvements have been made, and a technological preview of GNU/Hurd with Wheezy, as was made for kFreeBSD did for Squeeze, is still the target. More information is available in the updated TODO list[7]. With respect to package porting only a few packages are still being fetched from the site, and the network installation images now use the main archive.

Thanks to the efforts of various Debian/Hurd porters, the percentage of packages built for Debian GNU/Hurd has passed 70%.

Quite a few hurd-i386 FTBFS patches are waiting for an upload, thanks for helping us by handling them!

The remaining 30% of packages are either waiting for other packages to become available (see [8] for a (big) graph of those relationships) or are failing for some reason[9]; a complete list of build failures can be found at [10].

To name some packages, we now have Iceweasel, Abiword, Gnumeric, etc. working.

The autobuilders are keeping the pace relatively nicely, notably thanks to a new buildd provided by Richard Braun:

A new, way-faster Debian porter box is provided by Richard Braun,, immediately accessible to DDs, and accounts can be opened to non-DD alioth members on request to

Work on the DDE layer to seamlessly integrate Linux 2.6 drivers in userland processes is in the integration stage. Network card support is basically working on real hardware, and the overhead is quite low. Integration of other driver classes is also on the roadmap.

The sister project Arch Hurd has released a Live CD some time ago and have also experimental DDE integrated to enable the use of up-to-date GNU/Linux drivers for GNU/Hurd.

The Debian GNU/Hurd porters.


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