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Line 52: Line 52:
  * (./) bash
   * Only to fix a rare segfault, already accepted upstream, available in experimental
  * (./) bash, to remove
   * Only to fix a rare segfault, now in unstable.
Line 62: Line 62:
  * (./) e2fsprogs, to remove
Line 63: Line 64:
   * not installable, to remove
  * (./) eglibc, to remove
   * not installable, can live without, to remove
  * (./) eglibc, anticipated build of -22~0, to remove when -22 gets uploaded.
Line 66: Line 67:
  * (./) fakeroot, to remove
Line 115: Line 117:
  * mpi-defaults
   * http://bugs.debian.org/553701 , fixed in experimental
  * (./) mpi-defaults, remove
   * http://bugs.debian.org/553701
Line 119: Line 121:
  * packagekit
   * http://bugs.debian.org/645553
   * "fixed" version now fails to build with old iceweasel 7...
Line 140: Line 145:
  * sudo   * (./) sudo, to remove.
   * Disable setresuid use, now fixed in libc0.3 .22~.
Line 146: Line 152:
 * Be able to install from official mirror (should be almost done, missing grub/parted)  * Be able to install from official mirror (should be almost done, missing grub/parted, dhcp)

Debian > Debian GNU > Debian GNU/Hurd

This page attempts to be a reference for all resources related to Debian GNU/Hurd that can be useful for users and developers. Feel free to add more stuff as you see fit.

"In a discussion with the Debian Hurd porters it was decided that the Hurd port stays on FTPMaster until Wheezy is released. Should they have managed to get the port into a state that it is released together with all the others (probably as a technology preview), it is kept in the archive. Should they not manage this the port will be removed from the main archive and move fully to debian-ports.org."1

What is Debian GNU/Hurd ?

Debian GNU/Hurd is an operating system from Debian, but which uses GNU Hurd, which a set of servers, running on top of the GNU Mach microkernel instead of the kernel named Linux (thus the name Debian GNU/Hurd). Some day, most applications will exist both in Debian GNU/Hurd and in Debian GNU/Linux.

Basic info

Goals for releasing in wheezy

Goals for later

  • IPv6 support in d-i (after it is settled for linux).

Developer info


  1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2011/03/msg00015.html - Debian pushes development of the Hurd port (1)